As it turns out, unfortunately I am NOT done. I checked my lists, and found that COYOTE has been left out. Sigh! So right now I have 87 skulls completed. For fun, guess what animal the skull on the right belonged to. I'll tell you at the end. The biggest clues are in the teeth. Which type of teeth are particularly big?

The coyote skull is in San Diego. It's important that the sample I draw from is from San Diego county - San Franciscan coyotes may be subtly different, and this mammal guide is specific to SD. Therefore, I couldn't go to a museum and borrow a local coyote skull. What has to happen is that the San Diego Natural History Museum will loan a skull to a museum here. I'm hoping the loan will work out with the Cal Academy of Sciences. This is how I planned it all along - to leave out one skull so that I'd Have To go to CAS and Have To meet people who work there.

So any ideas for the skull? Besides the teeth type, it's skull is quite robust looking. Big fat jaw. Who would need a particularly fat jaw? A carnivore would need a big fat jaw to which to connect biting/chewing muscles, but there are no obvious canines. Those big teeth are incisors. OK. I'll tell you, it's a beaver.