This is The Last mammal skull that I have to draw, possibly in my whole life. I'd been procrastinating quite a while, possibly because in this case I had to work entirely from photos I'd taken, which is not ideal, and maybe because it was the last and a part of me didn't want it to end? It is a Gray Whale.

It's not over though. I have some 80-90 mammal skull drawings, and two thirds of them have been sent to a mammal skull expert, and returned to me with corrections to the drawings. For example, where I'd drawn a line where there really wasn't one because my skull sample happened to have a crack. Or maybe some tiny lobe had broken off my sample and was thus missing from the drawing.

The San Diego County Mammal Atlas Project only wants digital versions of the drawings. What will I do with all these actual drawings? Surely these pen on paper scientific illustrations must be a rarity these days, and I have a whole collection.