"But we're so unphotogenic!" they exclaimed. I'd offered to do engagement photos, and though my new friends were reluctant at first, I they had fun in the end. And "unphotogenic"? I think not! It seems that it's not uncommon for people to consider themselves unphotogenic, and to be camera shy. It's because those ubiquitous little point and clicks aren't designed to take nice portrait pictures. They tend to have wide angle lenses, which means that faces and features like noses are widened. The flashes on those things make for extremely unflattering photos. Well that's part of it. There's the photographer aspect too :)

We went to the Botanical Gardens in Golden Gate Park. It has swiftly become my favorite place to photograph. So many natural backdrops to choose from, lots of sources of shade without it being too dark. Plus many secluded spots, so no random tourists in the background. The yellow-leaved ginko tree was a pleasant surprise, nice to have a spot of bright color in the photos.