I have not produced any art recently, so I am posting some recent images to accompany my blatherings about what I have been up to. This is a pic of the underside of a large leaf.

I made my first contribution to a wiki page today. The Randall Museum set one up, and invited me to contribute photos from the 2 events I volunteer-photographed. It took some experimentation, but in the end it was pretty straight forward setting it up. See Halloween Fest and Holiday Craft Fair at:

While waiting for craigslist responses, I decided to research local children party planners to network. I found three that specialized in themed parties (like princesses, pirates, wizards, mermaids etc), and wrote a that I liked their costumes (they provide costumed performers, as well as costumes for the kids) and if their client should ever need a photographer, please think of me. I used the same text template on all three, and just as I pressed "send" on the 3rd email, I received a response saying that all 3 companies were actually owned by the same 2 women.

Embarassing?? Yes! But! They didn't seem to take offense. In fact, they were interested in having head shots done of all their performers in costume. I hope that works out... costumes make for fun photo shoots.