I'm a little bored with jzeestudio.com. New Year, New Website, so why not New Domain Name? I like ginkgo leaves, and it just so happens that GinkgoPhoto.com is available. The link is up and working, so feel free to have a look. I am still editing it however, but the portfolios are filling up nicely.

Unfortunately, "Ginkgo" is a commonly mis-spelled word. I mis-spelled it today, when looking up GinkoPhoto.com, to see if it was taken. It was and I was disappointed. Then I thought, maybe GinkoLeaf? I googled that for fun, and google said: Did you mean Ginkgo Leaf? Yes I did. Another wrong spelling is Gingko. So, it's only a problem if someone is trying to recall my website name without text reference.

I spent the day riffling through my photos to update my portfolio, and prepping pictures to upload onto the site. I'm using qufoto.com, which I so far like. The designs are polished but straight forward (no distracting flash, or fancy designs to pay for), the payment scheme is simply (no "sign up fee", just a standard monthly rate of $19 per month). User friendly and fast customer service.

This was a photo I'd forgotten about - kids rushing to burst bubbles.