It's been a while since I've done anything artsy, hence the MIA from the blog. I started teaching insect classes this week, and even though they're half hour sessions with 4 year olds, my brain is tired. But, it's back to working on the t-shirt. I've been trying out different fonts, and apparently it's been difficult for people to agree on a good font. The original font, Bauhaus, was deemed slightly difficult to read. I like Aardvark Cafe font also (2nd example above) but someone thought it was too fancy. I threw in Typewriter Keys font in at the end, because I've been looking for an excuse to use it and haven't found one yet.

The fonts provided with programs like Word etc are generally designed for text, not for posters or t-shirts. So I had to hunt some down. I've been using, which has a lot of free fonts as well as buyable ones. But the interface is clean and user-friendly, not like other font sites that have flashing banner ads, or are merely organized by font name.

My font selection has been based on the feel of the illustration. The bee has volume, it has a hefty presence, it has a bold outline, lacks formality. It would feel awkward if the font was skinny, or if it were a serif type font (serif means a letter like "I" has the little lines on the top and bottom, like in this font your read now). Sans serif (ie, without serif) has a more modern look, which I think complements the bee. Anyways, I've just sent off another series of bee samples with different fonts to be critiqued.