"Tol" is the Korean First Birthday celebration. I photographed an abbreviated, informal version of Tol. Baby was dressed in Tol-Bok, the Korean traditional Tol outfit, and before him were placed various items. This activity is called Toljabee. The baby chooses an item which is an indication of the baby's future.

Here, we see our birthday boy reaching for a stack of money, wrapped in green ribbon. Hooray, he chooses wealth! Next he chose the Ruler, which means he will have talent with the hands. Next went yarn - Long Life. Book - good scholar was next, and he completely ignored Mouse - representative of Computer Programmer; his father's profession. The very first things he chose were actually his shoes. He pulled them off his feet and inspected them. "Cobbler!" someone called, and someone else exclaimed "Fashion designer!"

It was a good event coverage session for me, with many babies to photograph, friendly people and good natural lighting coming in from the large windows. However now I have 500 photos to go through and edit.