He emailed me last night: " I'm getting Married tomorrow morning (10:30am) at the City Hall. Our Photographer/Witness just flaked out on us." Just so happened I had a really short teaching job that ended at 9:30am today, so... off I went to the San Francisco City Hall. I'd often driven pass the grand, domed building on Van Ness, but never thought about what went on in its interiors. Turns out the indoors is quite impressive, with a marble staircase, decorated ceilings, sculptural lamp posts.

A batch of four couples were brought up to the fourth floor, and were asked to select a place for the ceremony. The MC recommended some good photography spots to me. While the MC married the 3 other couples, I took some candids. These were completely unposed poses. I also took some pics where they were pretending to be candid, and of course they didn't turn out as good. Maybe I'll post them for comparison's sake later.

And then in the afternoon I was off on a private charter boat with the captain, and a man who was to propose to his then girlfriend... but more on that tomorrow.