I have far more portrait experience than landscape. Given a sunset while on a boat in San Francisco Bay, it's hard to go wrong. Is that Alcatraz? I don't remember. I like that there are 2 lit windows in the dark silhouette. I did a lot of photoshop tweaking with the blue photo. With scenery, I can bring up the saturation, contrast and colors to high level to bring out the aesthetic qualities of the photos. If I did that to a people photo, the skin tones would look radioactive.

He proposed, less than a minute earlier. It was all planned - a private sail boat (pretending to be a group sailing, just so happened that the only other customer was a camera-happy Chinese American woman), open call for ipods to be played on board, sailing out to the calm waters near Sausalito... She said Yes.

The captain told me that his boat has had a 100% Yes rate thus far. I recommend his tour/ sail boat ride, should you ever be inclined to experience SF from the bay: http://sailsf.com/boatride.html

The difficulty of photographing a proposal is photographing before the proposal actually happens. I didn't want the girlfriend to think I had a weird hobby of photographing unknown couples while they're being cozy. Of course she probably figured out what was going on, but still. I positioned myself so that the captain was between myself and the couple, so I could face and talk to the captain and opportunistically lean out and nab a photo of the couple.

Once he proposed, it was much easier. I could stand in front of the couple and take photos, get them to sit/ stand in certain places. Photographing on boats is tricky; I already need two hands to hold and stabilize the camera. Also, it was cold! I should have known, to wear gloves, and a more wind-proof outfit. Eventually the captain gave me a windproof blanket, but try hanging on to a flapping blanket while hanging on to the boat and holding a camera steady. Well, I got some good photos anyways; I'm always up for new photographic challenges. Besides - talk about photography perks! A ride around the SF bay at sunset - I can hardly complain.