A few days ago, I went on a photo location research trip. Charlotte was all too happy to accompany, and hopped in the car to join me on an excursion to a section of the Presidio just west of where the Golden Gate Bridge attaches to SF. It's on Merchant road (which is off Lincoln, which goes under the 1, in case you're interested).

Wildflowers were heavily in bloom - but when I returned yesterday with clients - it seemed that the flowers must have been blown off their stems, because there was no where near as lovely a carpet of yellow flowers. Anyways, the pic below would be great if it weren't for that ugly stick coming out of the bottom left corner. I suppose it adds to the atmosphere.

Charlotte had climbed atop a concrete block, and was presented with a steep concrete incline. She stopped, unsure of how to proceed. Meanwhile, I sat at the base of the block, to capture her puzzled/ concerned expression. I digitally lightened her eyes, (the right eye was in shadow) and then added a bit more of her amber eye color to the irises. Brought the saturation of Blue shades up. For the bridge pic, I enhanced saturation of blue, red and yellow, and threw in a vignette; the dark shadow around the edge, to pull it all together.