Who would've guessed that the South Bay mountains were are speckled with dozens of high end wineries, all with expansive views of valleys and forests? Their engagement party was at one of such wineries, just east of Los Gatos, up a windy windy road with.

I did my best to talk minimally, as I was still subject to sudden coughing attacks. Fortunately, while photographing I experience a sort of adrenaline rush, that temporarily over-rides unhealthy feelings. But I did tote around my travel mug of warm tea. Guests must have though I was a coffee addict.

It was part engagement portraits, part event coverage. Both were enjoyable, as the winery was so pretty plus it was sunny and warm - hard not to be in a good mood. This pic was originally a 3/4 length photo, but then I noticed her smile, and I wanted the photo focus to be on their faces. So I cropped really tightly. That is one reason why I take high resolution photos! Had it been a low-resolution photo, such cropping would result in a pixelated pic.