Here is a sweet faced Pup! She tagged along on a photo shoot with her parents, and I of course devoted a lot of attention to pup portraits. Fortunately she was very calm and didn't wiggle around much. Thus I could crisply focus on her eyes. See how fuzzy the rest of the photo is? There are examples of shallow depth of field. The blur is a result of lens (50mm f/1.4), not photoshop - I'm focusing at a very specific distance only. This is great for dramatizing features like eyes. Of course with dogs, the nose turns out to be very blurry, as it's so far from their eyes. With people, the nose is more so in focus than on a dog. Unless it's a profile pic of a dog of course; then the nose and eyes are on closer to being on the same plane.

The second pic shows an After and Before shot. I thought the colors could use more drama, so in Lightroom I bumped up the saturation, as well as the dark colors (the "blacks" of "darks" lever in Lightroom, or use levels in Photoshop). Then I went in and specifically further saturated the eyes, to really bring out that lovely amber eye color that looks so good on dogs. What a difference! The grass looks lusciously green, her fur velvety and eyes intense. Just a few quick mouse clicks and voila.