I spent three hours photographing babies and kids with the Easter Bunny yesterday, at an Easter Party. Hanging out with a costumed theme character was new to me, and it was nice to find out that they are just normal people, inside animal costumes. Easter Bunny was an actor specializing in Shakespeare performances, but upon learning that Easter Bunny pay rate far exceeds Shakespeare acting gig pay rates, snapped up this job.

Around kids, he didn't speak, but gestured effectively with his mittened hands and tilts of his enormous head. When it was just us, he talked animatedly about Shakespeare through his mesh eyes, and commented on how hot it was inside the costume, and how frustrating it was not to be able to tend to a facial itch. Many babies cried. I have several photos of the Easter Bunny holding wailing babies. Little girls, about age 6, seemed to be the most enamored. One even tried to engage him in games, yanked on his tail, and tried to boss us around. He would have none of it; he crossed his arms and looked in the other direction, and we exchanged looks of exasperation through the black mesh.

Interesting, how comfortable people are to be in contact with the Easter Bunny. Lots of friendly pats on the arm, leg, head, torso. If I were inside a costume, even one with a thick layer of padded fur, I think I'd still feel odd having a much reduced personal space. I guess one gets used to it.