A detail of After and Before. I'd been procrastinating on this edit, because a touch up was requested of me, and touch ups are not my specialty. It was an extremely windy day, but they really really wanted a photo in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. So I sat them on the pier at Crissy Field. After receiving the unedited batch, she asked: Is there any way you could fix my Crazy Hair?

I did the easy stuff first - brightening the pic, warming it up, removing the blue hue, filling in the shadows with light, saturating the colors, upping the contrast. Then first went to work at removing the stray hairs across the forehead. I basically cut and paste other strips of plain forehead over the flying hairs, and blended the edges in. The gravity-defying pouf was harder. Again, I cut and paste, this time: bits of Marin background, to cover up some of the hair. I sampled the light blue part of the husband's shirt and painted over other pouf parts, using layers of transparent paint. In this shoulder area, the bright light washed out the shirt texture , which one can see (perhaps not on this low res version) in the other parts of the shirt, which made things easier.

If you look closely at a hi-res pic, you'll definitely see the photoshopping. But, for small prints, say up to 11x14, I don't think the touch up will be noticeable.