Make a Meadow

I just realized - I've been blogging for two years! In celebration of this achievement, I will start titling my blog entries. I'd thus far avoided titles, because I feel compelled to come up with something witty, cute or catchy. I will definitely have uninspired days where the title may be a simple brain dump of words. Like today.

Anyways, this couple picked this photo (in its unedited state, see bottom photo) as one they might print and display at their wedding. While the couple looks lovely, the background is Bleah. Especially that ugly patch of grass-less ground in the left corner. I think it might be concrete surrounding a drainage thing. Anyways, It had to be rid of. Easier than photoshopping hair from face, I cut and paste samples of grass from the top right to fill in the concrete area as well as the sunny corner. It just looks so much better, all green, doesn't it? Since the grass was blurred out, it was easy to do. If you know to look for it, there is a banding pattern to the grass in the top pic, but if you didn't know to look for it... it looks like they are sitting in a lovely lush meadow, not on the slightly parched lawn of graduate student housing.