Couldn't Ask for a More Beauteous Day

Beautiful day in San Francisco! A perfect afternoon for engagement photos! And no better place to photograph than Baker Beach and the Presidio. It was a little hazy, so the sunlight was nicely filtered, and cast lovely golden tones on my subjects. I am so glad that she wore the yellow scarf - a simple accessory but the color adds a nice touch of zest to the photo.

In the photo below, we climbed over the safety railing. It's great when couples are happy to nestle down in wild grassiness for the sake of a good picture. I noticed another photographer coax his subjects over the railing open seeing us off-roading.

I'm trying to incorporate more environment in my portraits these days. Previously, I used green backgrounds - pretty, but they could be in any garden or park. Now that I know where to go for dramatic backgrounds, I want to capture it all, without taking the focus from the people.