Go Visit the Marin Headlands

Her fur is shiny like a pantene commercial. In a quest to find new portrait locations and to know the views of the Golden Gate Bridge from all 4 corners of it, we went to Fort Baker (to the NE) and the Marin Headlands (to the NW). The best part - most of it is dog friendly! The parts near to the GGB are probably too close to humanity to house much in the way of threatened wildlife, which means dogs are welcome. Especially by plants along the trail which must've cried out joyfully as they deposited their hooked burrs and seeds in Charlotte's luxurious fur.

Always like to take photos for fun instead of for a job! I got to practice my scenery shots. Lots of beautiful rugged scenery, and relatively easy hikes to access the views. This is Rodeo Beach, quite empty for a clear spring day.