Sixty and Counting

When I learned that this couple liked trees, I knew the perfect spot for their engagement pics. Here we are in the Golden Gate Park, with lovely late afternoon light filtering through the trees (and subsequently enhanced on Photoshop). I've been enjoying engagements - a refreshing change from photographing babies. Because babies can only assume so many poses, and it takes time to move them from location to location. With grown up unencumbered couples, we can traipse through tall grass and fallen trees, sit down for a shoot and hop up again to continue our search for more pretty spots. That, and grown-ups don't cry and scream.

You could compare recent images with my older blog posts. I was just counting the other day, the number of photo sessions I've had since I launched GinkgoPhoto in November. I've done about 60. SIXTY! With at least another 10 shoots lined up. No wonder I'm improving! with my recent ones. And as my experience goes up, so will my cost - though I hope to stay affordable.

The more I learn about photography, the more I learn how much I don't know, and what more I can add to my photos. And then I go out and try to learn it. I mean this in terms of technique, equipment as well as artistic eye. I put a lot of research/ effort into all those aspects - it's not just picking up a DSLR camera and la-di-da. Not to mention customer service, on which I spend HOURS. I'm starting to understand why some photographers are pricey - though I still don't agree with exorbitantly expensive rates! (check back with me after I've been a pro for five years...)