Moving to the Front Burner

I'm still working on this set of portraits that I took.... weeks ago! Sadly, friend photo shoot editing must sit on the back burner while I get job photo shoot work done. To friends out there waiting for their final edits, I will get to them, don't worry!

I white-ed out the whole background. Not sure if it's too white. It does make for a nice black and white photo. There is a wall behind her, and the wall texture, a slightly lumpy texture, showed through. I think if it were a smooth surface, I may not have white-ed it out. Perhaps next time I will rent a backdrop; they're not very expensive. $8 for a day.

While Craigslist advertising is working great for me, I'm thinking of expanding my ad efforts. It occurs to me that only a small fraction of friends know that I'm a pro photographer. After all, the bulk of my portrait work happened within the last half year. So I'm putting together a Facebook page for my business (Mom, Facebook is that social keep in touch/networking site), try to build a fan base of friends. Then maybe friends of friends will learn about me too. The page is still unpublished as all I have on it is a title.... but soon!