Foggy Doggy Weekend

Headed somewhere for the three day weekend? Doing a Staycation?
In any case, Happy tails/trails!
We are dogsitting a neighbor's dog. Not the one featured here. Maybe I will take photos of William later. He is whining for his parents. And starting to howl. A little difficult to focus on blog writing. Tomorrow I have 3 photo shoots, and one wedding consultation. I'm a little concerned about 2 of the shoots, because they will be on the beach, and both parties are not from SF. They are from areas that do not become enshrouded in fog. They will be enjoying their warm Spring sunshiny mornings in San Jose and Oakland respectively, and will think, what a lovely day for a photoshoot! Then they will arrive in SF and note the huge gray cloud looming overhead. The beach will be cold, cloudy and windy. I did send them warning emails. I think I'd better call them tomorrow and remind them: Bring Layers!