First Weekend of Summer

A trio of photo shoots to start of the memorial day weekend. First thing in the morning, head shots for child models. Then a family portrait session consisting of grandparents, parents, aunt and baby. And finally, portraits of a transgender radio host.

She needed a series of B&W portraits, to be put in a slide show and accompanied by the R&B song "Feeling Good" by Nina Simone. The whole thing would be posted on her radio website as an ad for her show. I've never knowingly interacted with a transgendered person before, and once again I was reminded of one of the great things about my photography job. Meeting people through photography who I don't encounter in my everyday social sphere has the comforting effect of making the world a little smaller.

She enjoyed the beach, despite the wintry cold and grayness. "I haven't been here since I was a teenager!" she declared, and I tried to picture her as a teenager, and realized that I wasn't sure whether to picture a young man or woman. And of course didn't feel it was my place inquire.

I will listen to her radio show, when I figure out how to access it. And I'll let you know when the slide show is up.