Chilly Weather No Match for Warm Hearts (aww!)

A cold, windy and gloomy San Francisco day... they arrived from South Bay, wearing summery khakis, white pants, white shirts and gauzy blouses. They were freezing. But having driven all the way to Baker Beach, we figured we might as well get some GGBridge photos, even though it was mostly obscured by fog. To where shall we move the photo shoot? They asked, and I had to appear confident and I declared Golden Gate Park! Though really, I was wracking my brains and weighing the pros and cons of the many GGP locations, taking into consideration my brief interaction with the family and trying to figure out what backdrop they'd enjoy the most.

It was a risk, as I'd not shot there before, but I chose North Lake, in the NW area of GGP. I'd found this little gem of a lake, nestled in a secluded mini-valley, while exploring GGP with my dog. It turned out to be perfect. With no wind chill, the family - 5 adults and one baby, felt warm enough to shed heavy jackets and enjoyed a scenic promenade around the lake.

They enthusiastically climbed tree limbs, sat on tree stumps and stones, off-roaded and wove between lake-side tall grasses. Despite the chill weather, an altogether pleasing, portfolio worthy set of photos.