Moss Covered Stick Trance

I am editing to no end. "Photographer" sounds like such an active job, going to new places, meeting new people, something different every day. It even suggests a touch of glamor, covering special events, chasing important people, traveling the world. No really. The reality is that I spend most of my time in front of the computer.

Fortunately, I can listen to music, surround myself with snacks, wear what ever I rolled out of bed in and scratch my dog's ears at the same time as editing. So there are definitely perks, so I'm not complaining! Just wanted to tell all of you out there, who are considering photography as a possible career direction, that taking photos is a small portion of photography. I do not snap photos all day. Last week I spent 6-7 hours actually photographing, and I expect I shall spend the rest of this week as well as some of next working on edits.

Anyways, remember this munchkin? The one with an affinity for moss covered sticks. Well take a closer look. Peer into his eye. Could it be? A silhouette wielding... a moss covered stick? Indeed it is! And in the meantime, marvel at the resolution of a 10.1 megapixel camera.