I Want This On My Wall

Every so often I have photographer perks. This time, it was a private suite on the 22nd floor of the Fairmont, possibly the classiest hotel in SF. Perched on the apex of Nob Hill, this regal landmark overlooks sprawling masses of building peons.

Here is the northward view. At first I was disappointed in the cloudy day; the Golden Gate was obscured from view. But the cloudiness gave the city a brooding mood that I later further emphasized in black and white. I desaturated all the colors but Yellow, a bright contrast to the gritty gray. I especially like the yellow of the crosswalk in the foreground. I think this would make an intriguing poster. I want one. Fortunately I'm now in the habit of photographing at the highest resolution possible, which means I can print posters without pixelation. But before investing in that $55 print, I'll get a normal sized one, to make sure.

While I was photographing hotel room views, the guests for a 40th bday party were arriving. In hindsight I wished I'd taken more city photos upon nightfall, but I was too busy, well, photographing what I was hired for - party people.