One Easy Step to Preventing Wedding Photographer Disgruntledness

I know, magical, isn't it? Only in San Diego! (and a little help from Photoshop)

I am still working my way through two weddings worth of photos. I remember how long I waited for my own wedding photos to be delivered, and how the suspense was high for about 3 weeks, and then a month passed, and another month passed, and the excitement wore off. I'd like to get my photos to wedded couples while they're still on their wedding high. So they're top priority at the moment. I send couples mini-sets of photos, as I edit a batch, and hope the little parcels of photos spread out the enjoyment of memories (and take the edge off suspense).

In case you get married (or MC a wedding, or have some influence on the proceedings of a wedding ceremony) I have some advice on how to make the wedding photographer happy. It's really easy. Tell the MC to take a few steps to either side of the aisle when the couple does their kiss. Experienced MCs do this already - they know that a kiss photo is marred by the top of the MC's forehead appearing above the kissing profiles of the couple. Fortunately for this San Diego couple, the sky was a simple enough background that I photoshopped the MC out. And what the heck I photoshopped out the mic stand too. Hmm. I think I need to smooth out the water a bit, where I cut and paste over the mic.