Clothes Are Important

One hour, four different looks. We have the Bookish Graduate (the columns added an academic touch), Sassy Shopper ("Imagine you're walking towards a shoe sale!" her husband called to her, after I'd instructed her to walk with attitude towards me), Beach Diva and Beach Casual.

Clothes make all the difference! I think her behavior was affected by what she wore too - you can get a sense of that from her poses in the pictures. When I go photograph, I often wear my Photographer Outfit, which consists of dark gray wide-legged comfortable but sensible wide legged (not too wide) slacks and a top with a low waist; one must squat, bend over a lot or even wind up lying on the floor for baby shoots, so the long bodied tops are necessary to keep everything covered in the back. At events I wear a black top, so I don't stand out yet am recognizable as staff. The tops can vary depending on event type; I opt for something trendier at happy hour type events, whereas I am more modest at weddings. Beach, park and home shoots, I am more casual. It is all about fitting in with clients. They're more likely to feel comfortable if I dress appropriately for the shoot type.