Do You Recall Diptychs?

An article in the NYTimes about blogging informed me that there are 133 million blogs out there. But only 5% of those blogs have had entries posted in the last 3 months, which means there are some 125 million blogs abandoned... just languishing out there in cyber purgatory. I'm kinda thrilled to be within that 5% of non CP blogs.

One of the reasons I keep posting is that I know that you keep reading (though Exactly who all of you are I only have my educated guesses, clued in by the Map function on my blog counter... who is that person who every so often checks in from Perth?) so thanks for checking in.

Another reason is that I like to record what I've done; when I've accomplished something I blog about it - an affirmation of productivity. Some late nights, I think to myself, Just finish these edits and then blog it! And also, I like to keep track as my growth/process as an artist. I don't link to this blog from my website, because this is not a professional blog. Pro photo blogs put up only their best pics, and then gush about how beautiful their subjects are, because of course, it is their clients who are reading the blog. I like to complain about photo shoots, throw up pics that are not necessarily my best, point out where I can improve and what I'm still learning. And should some clients stumble upon this blog, I don't mind. I think it would be interesting for them to gain insight into my process.

Anyways, we took Charlotte out to Half Moon Bay, which is on the coast of the Bay Area west of Palo Alto. Though not the most complimentary picture of her (though it is quite accurate - she spends most of her time with the nose to the ground in new places), I rather like the composition - strong horizontal lines, almost like 2 separate photos pasted on top of one another a la diptych. In a way it's visually uncomfortable - I almost want her head to be up to break up the horizon, but that would make for a predictable photo. I do wish the beach wasn't strewn with kelp; the image would be so much more striking.