Flapper Baby

I've decided that one of the cutest baby poses is on the belly, propped up on arms. Particularly good for showing off head accessories. She's just about 2.5 months old. I've learned a lot about baby development, now having photographed so many. Well at least, those developmental aspects that have anything to do with camera posing, like smiling (really young babies seem to do less of this), lying on belly, sitting up, crawling, vocalizing, throwing, toddling, tantruming, and running.

Another make-shift studio - white sheet draped over the sofa in the back, blue sheet in the foreground, all facing a large window. I was too, on my belly and propped up on elbows, crammed in a corner with parents crouched on either side of me (ducking low so as not to block light), waving toys and making happy sounds. I'm sure we looked funny. I'd look bemused too.