Fun Times with New (to me) Equipment

This is where the "Step and Repeat" photographer hangs out. In front of the logo banner and red carpet. I've done this kind of assignment before, but never with studio lighting! My fellow photogs (below) were kind enough to lend me their equipment and set things up for me. There are three flashes, and 2 walkie-talkie things called Pocket Wizards. One PW, the transmitter, is attached to my camera, where the flash would usually sit. The other PW, the transceiver, is attached to one of the flashes - the one called the Master. The other 2 flashes are called Slaves. So when I take a photo, the transmitter tells the transceiver that it's time to flash, and at the same time, the transceiving Master flash tells the Slaves (via infra-red, or something) to flash, All At The Same Time!! So awesome.
To test the flash set up, photogs stand in as subjects, so here are some tester pics of my new photog friends. Sorry about the inconsistent white balance (it's salmony pink on the left, blush pink on the right).

The flash flashes into a white-ish umbrella, which serves as a huge diffuser. Even with the flash set at 1/16 its usual output, the umbrellas put out a nice poof of bright light.

So why "step and repeat"? Step forward, take a photo, next subject, step forward, take another photo.... took 940 photos in front of this banner over 5 hours.