5.5 hours and a 2 lb camera

It's been a long time since I covered an event. This was a women's shopping event, for which ladies pay for a ticket to get discounts off boutique fashions, accessories, beauty products, girly alcoholic beverages, make up, spray tan, hair updos, etc etc.

As "roaming photographer" (as opposed to "step and repeat photographer" - you'll learn about what that is tomorrow) I had a LOOONG list of subjects to cover including: "Check-in tables, wide shots - min 5 shots, Signage - min 5 shots, Crowd at bar - wide shot min 10-20 shots, Bartenders Serving - min 10-20 shots, Girls at bar - min 10-20 shots..." as well as "Girls posing with individual goodie bag items - min 3 shots for every item on content list). So, I had to recruit shoppers to pose with items. Fortunately, some were more than happy to model.