Grass Trouble

It isn't easy, photographing a group of 11 people, 2 of whom are <2 years old. The top one I like, I just wish that the top right corner wasn't in the sun. If that were shaded grass, the photo would be just right. Sigh!!! I noticed it when everyone had sat down... but with that many people, it's hard to get everyone to shift around. Parents were already tired from trying to get babies to smile. I figured I'd try to improve things with photoshop. Unfortunately there wasn't enough background grass to sample and paste over the bright spot. I couldn't take foreground grass and paste it back there of course- the grass blades would be too big. Maybe I'll attempt grass resizing and pasting later. The best quick fix I could do was to paint-brush over the area with a wash of green, to take some of the glare out. At least everyone is looking at the camera.

The second pic, one of the moms is looking at her baby, but that's better than blinking. I figure it adds a little candid touch, so I don't mind it as much. I have some other versions where all the grown ups are looking but not all the kids.