They Should Make Artists Take Marketing Class In Art School

I know. Lots of baby photos. But other subjects will come, just stay tuned. This photo was taken towards the end of our one hour session. He was clearly tired of being photographed, he was out of smiles and making nothing but Bitter Melon face (I think I borrowed that from a Chinese phrase).

I've been trying to think of new avenues of advertising, besides Craigslist. And yes that Facebook page is in the making. I did try putting a sign up on a bulletin board by a children's park a while ago, during a sunny week. I fashioned a little holder for postcards and attached that to my sign. I think I got one response from that - and we never found a date that worked. There are some local parenting magazines, but I'd have to buy ad space - of course I prefer free advertising! Maybe I should make the investment. Also, I may change my one Craigslist ad into several specific ads. Right now it's couples, families, kids, individuals and babies all in one ad. Let me know if you have any ideas! Thanks.