Big Silly Dog

The mom warned me. She hoped that I didn't mind big dogs, because they have a big dog and many people are overwhelmed. Big dogs? I love big dogs!

Eighty pounds (at least?) of chocolate lab love threw himself at me as soon as I entered the house. On his hind legs he managed to nose me on the nose. I was there to photograph the four year old kid, but this 9 year old pup begged for attention, going so far as to roll on his back at my feet and flail his long legs around as I crouched near the floor to photograph his young master.

Here, he ducked into a tent (not his doghouse or anything) and peeked out. I'm trying to be a good boy. I won't bother you. I'll just wait in here.

When I began to pack up and gather my shoes, chocolab placed himself between me and the door to the front patio. When that didn't work and I made my way to the patio door, he protested loudly at my leaving, throwing a vocal tantrum NO! NO! DON'T! GO!