Review Time

They said they'd write me a glowing yelp review, so I ought to take them up on it! It is rather scary to jump onto the online review boat, but if I want to grow my business, it's something I have to take a deep breath and just do. I'll need to set up my business listing, and then I suppose I can invite old clients to also review. I don't believe I've left anyone disgruntled, and if I had, I wish they would tell me!

I use Yelp all the time. I found/checked out Charlotte's vet clinic, my hair stylist, many restaurants, new photo shoot venues, my favorite camera equipment rental place, downtown parking lots and pet supply place on Yelp. If possible, I don't go to a new (to me) restaurant without reading Yelp reviews first. Certainly if I were curious about a photographer, I'd try to find reviews about him/her on Yelp. The thing with craigslist is that it's unfortunately laced with scams and posts by unscrupulous people. Most of CL is fine, but there's a tiny nagging worry: Who IS this random person I'm dealing with? Of course, CG is self-regulated by CG users, who will warn others of Bad People, and will flag (remove) posts that are suspect. When clients first contact me, a portion of them tread very cautiously, checking and rechecking my policy and rates. A set of good Yelp reviews would certainly alleviate fears.

And if there are negative reviews - well, I ought to learn from them. I didn't go through 3 years of art grad school without critique! I can take it.