Disgruntled With Yelp (no nice photo to accompany rants)

Three generous people wrote reviews for me on Yelp, but they've been removed, because they are not "established users" - ie, a person that has written a lot of reviews. Somehow, having written many reviews makes you more legit and worth listening to. So, if you are like me and don't have time to write reviews for every business you patronize, and maybe only took the time to write heart felt and honest reviews for 2 businesses that you were exceptionally impressed by, well Too Bad because those reviews aren't going to show up on that business' profile page.

You'd THINK they'd tell you this upfront, when you're writing your first review. A note such as "By the way, if you're only going to review one or two places, please don't bother" would be helpful. This makes me very annoyed at Yelp, which markets itself as very people friendly site - a place for opinions to be shared, where decisions can be made based on what fellow SFers have experienced. Many voices are in fact being ignored.

Yelp does this "established user" thing because they say it helps to avoid people (like competitors and unhappy ex-employees) from posting an errant bad review. The whole thing just doesn't make sense. Unhappy Ex-Employees might be frequent yelpers already. Also, beside every reviewer, there is a little number that says how many reviews they've written. There's no need to remove the review.

Does Yelp have a review page for Yelp? Not that my review would show up, being the unestablished user that I am.