I Also Move Furniture

Who needs a studio when you have a big black sheet and diffused window lighting? These are all lit by a window to the right, covered by that custard colored sheet I mentioned before. The 6' x 10' backdrop sheet was about $15. We supplemented by spreading a black robe on the floor. No artificial light. A natural lighting triumph, I say!

When I do a home photo shoot, families will give me a little tour of their home. Often, they think the best room for shooting is the living room, which while large and tidy, does not necessarily receive the best, or any natural light. I duck into rooms, and then have to make a quick decision - where will be spend the next hour(s) taking the best photos possible? Being able to judge light has come from experience. Before I knew about these things, I'd just go with where the client wanted to shoot; what ever was easiest and least intrusive. But now, as in this case, I stood in the Study and definitively declare: The Lighting Is Best In Here. Can we move the furniture around to make space?

People are happy to help achieve the best shooting space possible. Furniture moved in and out of rooms, sheets tacked to walls, cushions gathered and hidden under backdrops for support. There's definitely a production element to some shoots. And it works!