Group Photo, Two Ways

Two photos, same group of people. The stairs make the photo so much more interesting, don't they? I just wish the groomsmen were a little faster, so they could better fill out the composition to the right. I mean really, all wedding party members should at all times be thinking about how their positioning affects photo compositions. Everyone is actually pausing in their step in the top photo. If truly in motion, everyone would be looking down, especially the women who had heels, feet they could not see, bouquets and voluminous skirts to contend with. The boring standing pose - well, they are obligatory for weddings. Just gotta do'em.

This is the Berkeley campus, and I'm glad it was a cloudy day. I suppose people are confused when photographers are delighted at the prospect of a cloudy day. I did need to warm these photos up just a tad, since the dresses/ suits were all in a cool palette.

I finally put up my Facebook GinkgoPhoto Page, as some of you already know. I've decided to put Yelp aside for now. Most everyone under 40 is on FB, so potential clients can check out the reviews I have there, and see that I'm a real person, and that I have a real business - hopefully that will help with the Can I Trust This Random Photographer Person? feeling. Thank you for your FB support!

Now I have a blog, FB page & website portfolio to maintain (on an approximately daily, weekly and monthly basis respectively) as well as Craigslist posts and dog walking staggered through the day. No wonder people have employees.