How Can One Not Smile

When presented with pictures of a dachshund? Impossible! Since it rarely hurts to smile more, I am posting More photos of Wally the dachshund, but naked this time.

Look at those little legs! And would you have guessed, that he can fit a tennis ball in his mouth? And there he is, mid-shake. I consider dog shakes Not Involving Water to be a Mode Change. Change from playful to finding a good pee spot. From sleepy to awake. From itchy to not itchy. From entertained by you to Bored by you. Ever notice that? Anyways. Another photography dream of mine (besides kids in pumpkin patches, and kids DJ-ing) is to photograph dogs on a trampoline. The dogs being on the trampoline, me on solid ground. The ears would be caught in flight, cheeks and tongue in mid-flap, jowls defying gravity, long fur in the wind.

Wally and his parents. He has a little carpeted stairway that leads up to the bed, a most endearing piece of furniture. And he even has a cute little behind.

*Mode Change*
So. I got a call from a Yelp Account Executive today, who wanted to set up a phone appt with me so that she could explain ways in that Yelp could help with my advertising, and drive more visitors to my site. I went ahead and agreed, because this is my opportunity to give them grief (and perhaps find a solution) about my reviews being "removed" automatically by Yelp. Why would I want to bring more traffic (by spending money, no doubt) to my Yelp page which is devoid of reviews, when all people come to Yelp for is precisely to find reviews?

Ah so bittersweet, as another client just left a review for me on Yelp. Alas, she too is a one-time user. That my photography service is so satisfactory that I inspire people to write a Yelp review for the first time, that should mean something! It may or may not still be up: