It was a really really cold October day when close friends and family gathered for this little wedding at the Legion of Honor. They'd come all the way out from the midwest - I guess the idea Let's Get Married in San Francisco! simply came upon them one day, and they did it.

The Legion of Honor is actually an art museum, though I'd never thought of it as more than a good background for engagements and wedding photography. There's actually some famous artwork behind those marble walls. It's a great background because it's monotone, but not boring because of the architecture. It thus provides an interesting but not distracting background.

Have you been to a small wedding? Where there is no aisle? But rather, just a gathering of people, a small crescent shaped standing crowd facing the bride and groom. This makes taking photos incredibly difficult. I can't shoot straight on - I am edged to the flanks of either side of the crescent, and can't get a photo of both bride and groom faces at once. This is where it would be useful to be really tall, or really impudent (is that the right word here?) - and stand in front of the crowd of people for the Best view. I am neither, so I just did what I could.

I was given ample time to take couple photos after the very very quick ceremony, so that made me happy.