Pumpkin Patch Dream

I finally did a photo shoot at a pumpkin patch! This has been my dream for a while. Well, since the Fall started. Partly because the dreary weather makes me crave splashes of bright color in my photos. My kids pics are not ready for posting, so all you get now is very gloriously orange, photo of many pumpkins. This is the Clancy Pumpkin Patch, at 7th and Lawton in Inner Sunset.

This pumpkin patch was very well set up. There were many scarecrows, none of them truly scary. Hay stacks, and hay rides, and small children underfoot. I guess pumpkins are very tempting to sit on, if you are a wee person. I overheard many a child not to sit on the pumpkins, as the pumpkins bruise.

(Oct 27) I see that many of you are finding my blog as a result of googling the Clancy Pumpkin Patch. I just thought I'd add that I was impressed by the pumpkin patch - lots of decorations, bales of hay, including a hay fort that kids will love, and many photo ops. All different pumpkins to choose from, different sizes, shapes, colors, varieties. Parking immediately outside the patch is limited, so be prepared to look for street parking. No food/refreshments.