Electric Youth & Tangents

If you can place the post title to a decade and musician, and possibly recall a classic slow dance song from that album, well done. We have something in common.

This green vehicle is an electric car in Seattle. It is quite small, perhaps the size of a Smart Car, but it is not a Smart Car, but a different breed. Good for intra-city travel. Not for inter-city travel.

Isn't he cute? Looks good in a preppy sweater. Like all little tykes, he is not always this chipper. I had a few days to get to know him before the photo session, and I do think that helped with the bashfulness.

But let me change subjects. I did a set of photos for a tutoring company a few months ago. They're finally up on their website in a short slideshow:

Most of the photos are mine. You can figure out which one isn't. See the thing was, CE didn't want to use stock images for their website - it would look too generic, like every other tutoring company website - apparently there aren't many options when it comes to tutor/student stock photos*. So they hired me to take photos of real tutors and students. I did a lot of editing. The student, with the flowery top? She had just returned from a sunny vacation, and was quite sun burnt. I had to give her a healthy complexion. The kitchen scene? The large turkey on the fridge? The brown was originally quite dark and attracted attention unnecessarily. I had to tone down the turkey.

* It occurs to me that you might now know what stock photography is. Well say you're putting together a brochure about Whale Watching. What is a brochure without photos? Boring! But! You have no whale photos of your very own! What can you do? Can't just pull one off the internet, you'd get sued for copyright infringement. Instead, you go to a stock photo site, where there are loads of photos up for sale. You pick out a nice pic of a breaching humpback and pay to have rights to use it on your brochure. There are stock photos for everything. Kid wearing goggles in a bath? Crying clown gazing out of window? Fruit salad tossed in mid air? A dozen meerkats? You got it.

There are photographers that do stock photography. They think of everything that anyone could ever want a photo of, and take that photo, post it. When it's bought, the photographer gets a cut. Apparently, stock photo sites have more than enough pictures of flowers and dogs from photographers. One site actually said Please do not submit photos of flowers or dogs. They need more people shots. Of course the difficulty in that is that to sell a people shot, you need a model release form from the people subjects, and not many people are keen on having their image for sale. Usually aspiring models are the ones happy to sign model release forms. I briefly considered trying stock photography, but then decided it's not my thing. Gotta focus.