Bugs, Veggies and Hot Dogs

Meet the Giant African Millipede! Two pair of legs per segment (you might be able to see that in the pic, even) as opposed to one pair, like the Centipede. Feels like a walking toothbrush, we say.

Organic, Veggie and Vegan hot dogs for sale by Underdog, SF's environmentally responsible hot dog mini-restaurant! They've got a place in Inner Sunset, between 18th and 17th on Irving. The best non-meat dogs I've had. I chatted with the owner. He had a vision for eco-friendly food, yet the kind of food he wanted to eat. He has several adopted cats and dogs. Go to Underdog for a great hot dog!

It took some coaxing to get kids to get kids to partake in produce sculpture, but once seated and presented with the possibilities, the kids loved it.

Hmm, maybe I should back up. This is the Children's Harvest Festival, hosted by savenature.org. It happened on Saturday, the same day that the Blue Angels were burning up piles of fuel. CHF was tucked up some uninviting looking stairs. Our signage was lacking, so we sent some savenature people down to the street to recruit families. You know how when people try to advertise to you on the street, you're likely to (a) avoid eye contact and act like the advertiser has a contagious disease (b) politely say no-thanks - well. that could have been us, with the contagious disease. However, armed with LIVE BUGS, people FLOCKED to our reps on the sidewalk. We didn't let them touch the bugs on the street, but lured by the promise of touchable bugs upstairs, people actually attended our event!

I really think very few people would have come otherwise. The people that did looked like they were really enjoying themselves.

Remember when I said I was going to advertise with postcards offering a donation to savenature for every session booked thru my CHF ad? Didn't work. My little postcard display was right next to the bug table and quite frankly, anything that wasn't a live bug on the bug table vicinity was Not Noticed in the Least! Oh well.

Farm Fresh To You, a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) org, had a table at CHF, and I signed up. Just received our first box of locally grown, seasonal produce today! Very pleased.