Her parents have no idea where she picked up a knack for posing, but I'm glad she did. "What pose are you going to do now?" I'd ask, and she'd think for a minute, and then her eyes would light up and she would strike a pose. Many of them were Tough Grrl poses. No princess here!

This is a softer, less posey pose. I think she was tired, after almost an hour of running around, and her perch on the ladder limited the types of poses she could create.

The fighting poses were fantastic. Her first expression was a happy friendly face, but then we told her to make a mean face.

I was very impressed by the variety of poses in her repertoire. Most of us have been leafing through magazines most of our lives, but cannot necessarily come up with one pose after another. Between camera clicks she would adjust slightly; small changes in angle or stance. I've found that only grown-ups with modeling experience know to do this at photo shoots. She's not done any modeling. She's just at one with the camera!