Say It With Your T-Shirt

"SOMEONE NOT SOMETHING" [plus illustration of cow]. "THE GREATNESS OF A NATION CAN BE JUDGED BY THE WAY ITS ANIMALS ARE TREATED" [plus illustration of cartoon protesting animals with signs]. "BEEF CUTS 101" [with cow silhouette with parts labeled "EXPLOITATION, HEART DISEASE, DEFORESTATION, CRUELTY, GROWTH HORMONES, FEAR, MUTILATION, PAIN and GLOBAL WARMING". And finally "EAT LIKE YOU GIVE A DAMN".

I wonder if these women wear these t-shirts normally, or if they are only brought out for events like Walk For Animals. I wonder if they have several t-shirts with similar messages, and had to decide which one to wear on this day.

"For Life Go Vegan" and "If you love animals called pets... Why do you eat animals called dinner?" It's great that people wear t-shirts that support a cause they believe in. But personally, especially with an issue as potentially polarizing as vegetarianism and especially veganism, I myself wouldn't wear such a t-shirt. I worry that it may be as big a turn-off to omnivores as say, a t-shirt proclaiming religious beliefs might be to me. Vocabulary makes a big difference. When "YOU" is used on a t-shirt, I can't help but feel intrusion on my personal space, even though it's dumb to feel intruded upon by a t-shirt.

Well so far, this post has had nothing to do with photography. When I was covering this event, I devised a little project for myself - to photograph all the message-giving t-shirts. Just to set a little goal, to practice observation skills, and out of curiosity of what people's t-shirts had to say.