Vegan Pup Kibble

Walk for Farm Animals! It's Farm Sanctuary's annual outreach and fund raising event. The sponsors are vegan or vegetarian, but the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle I think, is not the main point of the event. Rather, it's to encourage people to have compassion for all animals. The event consisted of a Silent Auction, Speakers, Awards (for fund raising) and then a walk around downtown with posters with lovely Farm Animals and the "A Compassionate World Begins With You". Going around with signs that say Stop Eating Meat would be ineffective and annoying, so this is a better approach.

Home base was by the Embarcadero, near to the Saturday Farmer's market. About a hundred people and maybe a dozen dogs gathered with their pledges, and received fun gift bags and freebies. Such as these vegan dog kibble samples. When I brought these home, Charlotte knew there was something in my bag for her before I even settled down. She nosed around, and then sat eagerly for a sample of V-Dog kibble. She loved her sample. I am considering getting a small bag to serve as training treats. More Walk For Farm Animals photos and details to come.