A Change in Pace

A glamor shoot! In the name of fun. They had amassed a selection of accessories: silk and crocheted scarves, lace umbrella, long stemmed flowers, strands of pearls. They'd researched videos and other pop media for inspiration. It's fantastic when clients have lots of ideas of their own. I can only have so many ideas myself.

The photos called out for conversion to monotone - something about a vintagey starlet quality. I tried out a few different monotones. Here, a dark deep chocolate forest brown (different from sepia, a light brown sugar brown) and navy blue.

I generally don't like to obscure eyes, but in the above photo, the obscured eye is effective - it really draws your attention to the other eye which has a mischievous glint. I thought the flowers worked out well too - who in real life, lounges around with flowers? But here, she and the lilies look like they belong together.