Great Candid Shoots takes Great Parents

It takes energy, on parents' parts, to get good candid photos. This dad did a particularly impressive job of tirelessly chasing the little guy towards my camera, smiling all the way. Even though candids are unposed photos, that doesn't mean that they just happen by sitting around. Families need to be having fun. Sometimes I warn parents that our photo session will be an hour long playtime with their kids. Often, everyone is exhausted afterwards.

Not all parents are prepared for this. Sometimes I encounter Dads who look longingly from their backyard towards the large flat screen TV featuring Sunday football. Baby Moms and Dads are already exhausted. Sometimes Moms are just "not feeling it" and I become a photographer with child-chasing (something like babysitting) duties. Often times though, both parents are enthusiastic participants, and those make for the best photoshoots. These photos are from such a shoot that I was particularly pleased with.