Happy and Safe Travels on this Holiday Weekend

I took this photo ages ago. OK, it was February 2008. I wanted to find a photo that had something to do with travel and transport, and this is what I dug up on my computer. This was taken in Aix en Provence, France. Walking back from Cezanne's house to the north of the city.

I drive a lot for my photography job. Last weekend, during my cross-bay 4 shoot marathon, I was driving towards my third shoot in San Ramon in East Bay. A white cloud appeared ahead, much lower than the other clouds on this overcast day. The cars in all five lanes slowed to a procession. Different from when traffic is funneled through a limited number of lanes - this was not stop and go, but rather, a slow rolling forward, and cars started meandering across lanes, straddling lanes, unsure of where to go. Then the traffic opened up, like a stream splits around a stone. There was a small, turquoise car, its color and munchkin size incongruously cheerful with its heart-wrenching situation. It was upside down, facing the traffic, the front of the cabin partly smushed. I drove right past the passenger side, which was empty. I couldn't see the driver side. A row of cars had pulled over, tearful people on their cellphone. I arrived at my shoot rather shaken.

Sorry to end on such a downer. I partly blame this lingering cold that I can't seem to rid.
Wishing safe holiday travels to everyone out there.