Dogs Can Jump Too

Four photo shoots in a row. Three and a half hours of driving around the Bay Area. Cold + dayquil + bountiful kleenex + cough drops + a thermos of hot water + bag of croutons (Italian Seasoning). A start time of 8:30am on a Sunday. I wasn't sure if I was going to make it.... But I made it, without coughing fits! Without being late and a comfortable cushion of 5-10 mins early arrival time. And I had fun too, a triumph of a multi-shoot day. Hour long photo shoots go by really quick, even for me, after having done so many shoots.

The day kicked off with a family of many siblings. We met at Baker Beach, and agreed that it was too dismal to photograph there - the bridge was barely visible through the drizzle and cloud. I had a back up plan: the Palace of Fine Arts. A very iconic, unique backdrop. My favorite aspect of the photo is Kai the Husky, wondering what on earth is going on.