Happy End of Autumn to Everyone

Looking for baby photo prop ideas? A (relatively) large floppy stuffed animal may be the answer! And one can never go wrong with baby hats. These are some of the photos I took for the mother who recommended me to her Mother's Club. I am still receiving requests as a result, which is fantastic! But not only am I out of weekends, I am rapidly running out of weekdays. In other news, I just heard from the same mother that Tiny Prints, an online printing company, wants to feature some of these photos on their website. Awesome. I'll update you on those details later.

I apologize for being MIA. I traveled down to San Diego for a few days, and then upon return I promptly fell ill. I've never postponed shoots before, but I had to this week, to hopefully speed up recovery, and to prevent sharing this cold with clients.

I just realized, that I have less than a month left in SF before I head out of the country for the holidays. And still 23 more shoots to do (and I won't scare myself by counting how many I have yet to edit). Yikes. I'd better head over to photoshop right now.